Do you have a broken or faulty phone?

Having a broken or faulty mobile phone(s) sitting in the drawers is not doing anybody any favours. It is recommended that you either sell, recycle or donate the device(s). It is effectively an electronic waste if it is not being fixed and could potentially have a detrimental effect on the environment if it ends up in landfill. On the other hand, if this mobile phone is sold to a recycler, this device can have a second chance by either fixing the problem or properly recycling the parts so nothing ends up in landfill.

In particular, the mobile phone battery, which carries very toxic materials such as; mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel. These elements take approximately 20 years to decompose so if these enter the soil this phenomenon could have catastrophic effects on the environment.

FoneBucks takes the following steps to ensure that nothing gets wasted;

  1. Repairing: we try our utmost to fix every broken or faulty phone as long as it is economical to do so. This helps us to create more jobs and also, contribute to the economy.
  2. Refurbishing: this step is only taken when the device has these three major issues; battery is not holding a charge, broken screen or poor conditioned housing. Once the mobile phone is refurbished and fully tested it is ready to enter the second-hand market for its second life.
  3. Recycling: if the mobile phone is not recoverable from extensive damage or fault(s), we ensure that all the usable parts are taken out and then the remaining material(s) and part(s) get recycled. Doing this can help the environment as well as the local economy by creating new jobs.

Currently, there are 7 million broken and faulty mobile phones sitting unused in drawers. These devices have the potential to save the environment and could also earn you some cash.

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