Terms Of Payment

Project FoneD offers various payment options to their clients so that they can select the most convenient for them.

Here is the list of Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit/ Debit Card

Bank Transfer

Project FoneD Limited accepts bank transfer in their Barclays Business Bank Account. This method is the most convenient for our client’s arounds the world.


Paying your invoice via PayPal offer assurance that the transaction is securely recached its destination. However, there are a couple of caveats;

  • Client may have to pay additional 3% transaction charges on the overall invoice value.
  • Not every client has the access to PayPal account.

Credit/Debit Card

A link will be shared with the client. It is the most suitable payment option for most of the traders. Securely pay your invoices with Visa, Master, American Express or any other facilitator.


Renew License

It is requested to all traders to allow us Minimum 1 hour to upload new licenses.

Payment Received

Once the payment has been received, we will automatically renew the number of licenses to your account.

Fixed Monthly Clients

Once we have received the agreed payment, please allow us 1 working day to establish your account and authorize unlimited licenses & additional features.

See Our Software In Action

Request a demo of the software to see how you can make your workflow fast and efficient.