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Having a large stock arriving daily which requires validation, diagnostics and erasure services so that it can be distributed with full confidence. Our software accuracy and reliability will reduce the chances of RMAs so that the profit can be maximised.


Stock management can be a daunting task for a wholesaler, therefore, our software happily resolves this issue by providing cloud-based stock management. Also, custom label printing improves stock identifying and delivering extremely easy


Recycling industry faces many challenges when buying and selling their used stock. Therefore, having an industry standard data erasure software is a must tool along with diagnostics and validation. Our software focuses on all three requirements by providing the most accurate, fastest and reliable testing


Once the device is refurbished, having an authentic replaced part report will enhance the credibility and sales for the Refurbisher, More over, parts and sensors functionality report will reduce the RMAs which help to save time and earn more profit for the company.


Mobile phone repairing centerc faces new issues daily. Therefore, our software can help to identify some of the issues which otherwise can be easily overlooked in a fast-moving repairing center By having these two features, Replaced Parts Detection and Diagnostics Service will help the repairing center immensely so that they can earn more money in less time.


Our software. aims to enhance the credibilky of a retailer by validating the device so that the buyer and seller both feel satisfied about the transaction Further, it makes sure that the retailer can maximise their ROI


Device validation is required when it comes back to the insurer. Therefore, our fast validation improves the workflow. Further, every device’s data must be erased before passing on to any third party and our software accomplishes this task with ease.

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